Beaching it with the Parentals and the Harbors!

My parents were so gracious to rent a house on 30a for 7 days for us all to enjoy! They took the 2 "grand"boys down on Saturday and we joined them on Tuesday! The boys did everything from surfing to going out on a Pirate Ship (Daddy videoed the whole Pirate Ship Cruise and we all got to see how much fun the boys had--Wiley getting his "sea legs" was hysterical) to dining with the alligators (yikes) FUN times were had for sure and great memories were made at Camp Nana Janet 2011!

....I will not do a picture overload, but you know good and well that I had my camera very close by the entire time!  My friend Kelli came down and took pictures of our family and I can hardly wait to see how they all turned out!

just a few pictures of C.N.J. 2011~

....and a SEA TURTLE nest! How cool is that?!!!!

...a game of morning frisbee and more surfing!

My Daddy with his two girls

Are those kiddos cute or what?!!!!??!!!  Having a little lunch while Alice Taylor was aboard the Shut Eye Train! A big THANK you to Paul Harbor aka "drink maker" :)

And a visit from none other than the ICE CREAM TRUCK! The coolest paint job on a ice cream truck I have ever seen!!!  Alice enjoying her Daddy's screwball!

Our neighbors were so kind to get this family photo of all of us....(As if we didn't have enough taken already)!  Fireworks exploded of course, but in ALL we all had a great time!!!! 


Ford Family said...

Looks like yall had a blast!!! :)

April said...

First of all did you have anything to do in the making of your children? Because they both are ALL King. :) Wiley looks like Brian to me. And sweet baby girl couldn't look more like her daddy if she tried. Y'all have a beautiful family.

Rachel told me what you said... hahahahaha!! Hilarious! You hit the nail on the head with that one. ;)

I'm so excited I found your blog and look forward to more updates.

kai said...

I can't believe that you got all of your family (the men, the kiddos) to agree to ANOTHER family photo! I can just hear them. Ha! Have you been practicing or have you moved the buttons so much it's chaos? Love the picture in the lobster outfits! And you should have taken one of the mean toothless man robbing us blind with the high dollar ice cream!