bowl full of jelly

Friday night we hopped in the car and drove to Prattville.  Destination:  The Bass Pro Shop to see no one other than Jolly Ole Santa Claus!  The entire trip over, Robin and I talked to Alice about Santa and how she would sit in his lap and tell him what she wanted for Christmas.  We were not really sure if she "got it", but boy we were w.r.o.n.g.
I have every single picture framed in a frame from Exposures that has the year on it.  Starting with Wiley Boy 2006.  I love pulling them out every year and adding another one to my buffet.  Last years post shows them here.

We had the best time, and it was free!
Dinner to top our night off at Cracker Barrel, one of our favorites.  Robin and I had breakfast, Alice veggies and Wiley Shrimp.  Strange enough we all ate off each other's plates. Ha!
Wish list from Santa:
Wiley:  Chemistry Set
Alice:  Baby Doll


Ford Family said...

precious photo of the kiddos at BPS!

April said...

We love Bass Pro!!!! A must this time of year. Love the picture. You must stay up really late to blog. I wish I could. I know I will regret being a slacker. ;)