Surprise visit and Indian Homes

The Friday Wiley got out for Thanksgiving break, Robin and I decided to surprise him at school.  They were having a thanksgiving feast but with a stew.  Each kid was to bring a canned item to add to the pot, ours was corn.  Of course Wiley didn't eat it, he is a very picky eater and the smell had nauseated him all day.  As momma knew it would!
Next he created an Indian home. Mom gets Wiley every day after school and has everything available at your fingertips for any craft.  He did it all by himself, Daddy did cut the board for him, but he drilled the hole for the dead tree. I love the campfire he made with glitter for the fire and the Indian "symbols" he painted on the burlap teepee. 
Another Thanksgiving project was to disguise a Turkey.  Another Cowboy turkey.  Just like last year, we keep traditional around here!
Wow what a difference a year makes.  Last years POST

Daddy hiding behind a tree.  The look on Wiley's face when he saw Dad.

Forget us, he is off to play!

Packing up his backpack for a week long break!

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