Fun Happenings

On December 1st my Daddy and I went to an estate sale and left with a few neat things.  An old milk jug that now sits on my porch with some branches and white lights, a wooden basket that houses deer antlers & Christmas balls and two metal locker crates that I spray painted yellow that holds books.  Run on sentence or what?!?!?!  We then left and I picked the children up from Momma and Daddy's and took them to the Christmas parade.  We are so lucky to have banker friends that invited us to the bank's balcony downtown.  They had lots of refreshments and goodies to eat, they even had festive drinks for the adults!  It was a great view, not crowded and all of our friends were there!!

Claire, Wiley & Aidan

Alice's spot the entire parade

Kate, Maggie & Alice

Blurry picture of all the children 
Last year after Christmas, I bought a gingerbread house for $2.00 and put it up.  I am so glad I did, the kids had fun decorating in their pajamas; well baby insisted on wearing a dress!

There is nothing better than making memories and continuing traditions with your family!

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Caroline Bobo said...

Great finds you found at the estate sale! Love those! Nice spot to watch the parade :) Looks like fun. Great tradition with the gingerbread house! I have never done one of those, but will have to learn in the future I am sure with EK!