Palm Sunday & Easter Week

What a fun Easter Week we had.  We started off Palm Sunday at FBC with Wiley waving the Palm leaves down the aisle and to the front until the Choir stopped singing.  He did wonderful and we were so proud!  With the week full of happenings we managed to squeeze in baseball in the afternoons.  Alice has to do exactly what big brother does.  Glove and ball in hand, right in the middle of their game!  He doesn't mind one bit. 

Our bunny came 14 days before Easter.  Every morning Wiley would have to find the bunny and we would read the card.  Its message each day explained what Easter meant, from Jesus' death to his Resurrection.  This year he "got it".

Also Wiley had his very last parade around the block at Leika's.  It was so hard to believe that would be the last time I would see him walk around that block with his class.  note:  I almost missed it.  The note said the parade would begin at 9:15, so I arrived at 9:10.  The parade had started and he was already on the back side of the block.  I ran, like really ran as if a bear was chasing me to meet him.  How tough that run was after 5:30 am boot camp..My legs already felt like j.e.l.l.o. I made it and he was so excited to see me.  The Kindergarten make their own hats (with the help of Mom's of course) My boy wanted his to be lego dinosaur.  Thanks Mrs. Beth for helping Wild Man with his!! 

This was Palm Sunday and last year's Easter dress that I made.  I love it and LOVE the length.  She keeps saying pretty and happy happy happy that morning!! Can you tell she is hilarious?!  Wild Man wasn't into the picture taking, he said he is sick of taking pictures all the time.  I understand buddy, Mom will slow down on the picture taking....never!  Love you Wiley Boy.  You are always a good sport and my helper.

All the children

Now for some baseball, backyard style photos.  Alice had her Easter egg hunt at daycare so she was still in her smocked Easter dress, with her hair slicked back ;) 

Both with glove in hand

Do you know how long it took me to get that dye off her hands, legs and feet?  This was the night before Easter too!!!!  She had also poured a whole cup of the turquoise on her legs and feet.  It took, ohhhhh, a coon's age.

I finished her Easter dress about a week before.  That was my goal!  Her bonnet, I love, was a moppet bonnet that I found in a old picture in Mrs. Sarah's shop (aka Sarah Howard Stone) They found me a pattern.  The ladies in the shop said they could not remember the last time someone made that bonnet and they were dying for me and Mom to make it.  My mother made my niece's dress and bonnet.  The bonnet itself wasn't hard to make, but having to make adjustments wasn't fun.  The Friday night before Easter, I decided I better try it on her.  Well I had tacked the ribbon to tight and it wouldn't go over her head.  Baby LOVED her bonnet and keep saying over and over "I pretty". 

Next post is Easter.  Good Night y'all!  Bet you thought you would see that dress huh? Gotcha ;)


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