It's a First

Just where in the world did this week go?  It has been a great and busy week.  My Daddy finished making our farm table and bench for the kitchen.  I chalk painted the legs with Annie Sloan paint and also finished the legs of our island.  I painted the island legs duck egg blue and the table legs a french linen color with cream as a base.  I LOVE BOTH.  He made the table out of cedar and he stained it a pecan color, not too dark.  If I want it dark we can do that, but just wanted to test, and if I want to Annie Sloan paint my table, I can do that too.  BUT, I am loving the wood color!!! It is so nice and long, 72 inches to be exact.  Now to be on the hunt for four kitchen chairs!  The island I have had about a year and it is out of 100 year old barn wood.

Last week I took part of Thursday off and headed to the zoo with Wiley's Kindergarten class.  We love the zoo and are so lucky to have one 50 miles away.  (post coming soon) 

Saturday morning baby had her very first hair cutting appointment.  I have been putting it off and putting it off, but knew that her scraggly ends need to be evened up.  One reason is because the Daddy said NO to a hair cut.  What does he know about hair? You have to keep it trimmed in order for it to grow healthy, right?!!  I am so thankful for Wiley and how helpful he is.  He came along and was my camera man while I operated the camera.  Thankfully baby sat all by herself and was a complete angel.  I wish I could post some of the video on here.  You can hear Wiley talking as he was videoing..saying things like "You are so brave" Don't cut my sister, you cut me once" You look pretty Alice" "YY is so proud"  He was pouring it on her!

A few ton before and after:

It makes me so sad that time flies by as fast as it does.  Don't get me wrong, I am grateful for every second of the day.  It just blows my mind that this picture was taken exactly a year ago and look how much she has changed.

And this one of Wiley boy at graduation last year.

Come on Robin, just one more ;) Nah...In all honesty I am happy as a lark with one of each.  No more room in our house for another crib~Although I pinned this a long time ago on Pinterest thinking I could persuade Robin.  (If there were another he/she, it would have to go in our closet) It didn't work!

Have a great weekend.  I am going to Selma's Spring Fling show on Saturday, mom is selling her hanger's and frames!  I am also doing some things to get ready for the BIG 2nd Birthday party next month and attending the Lord's house on Sunday.


ps--baby girl is carrying on conversations now-sentences and singing her heart out.  My favorite is Rock a bye baby......and Wiley boy took his entrance exam at Morgan last week and is going to the FIRST grade in the Fall.  It is safe to say I am really ready for the next chapter in my little boy's life!!  He is so pumped about going to Morgan. 


Ford Family said...

Oh..your table sounds fabulous! Can't wait to see it! Alice's hair looks precious! My baby boy starts kindergarten (guess I can't hold him back for 2 years!) too! He's ready..I'm just going to miss his company during the day! :(

Jana Garner said...

You MUST post pics of your new table and all you've been painting. You are so creative and it all sounds FABULOUS! Can't wait to see some pics posted.

Amanda said...

I want to see the table :)

April said...

Precious how protective and supportive Wild Man is of his sissy. He'll be that way always. LOVE baby girl's sweet haircut. Reid finally got a "big boy" haircut, and it made me so sad. It was the last little bit of baby to hold on to. :(

Oh, and come on, just one more!! ;)