Leika's Zoo Field Trip

A few weeks ago, Wiley's class took their 2nd out of town field trip, The Montgomery zoo.  I was so excited to be able to go with him!!  We had a little cold snap, so we had to bundle up. 

Wiley's teacher had it all mapped out.  We rode the train first, to beat the school crowd and then worked our way back around for a picnic lunch!!

I always love to see him with his school buddies.  They had a BIG time, as my granddaddy used to say!!

Leika's Kindergarten Class 2012

Thank you Wiley boy for letting me tag along with your class.  I can't wait for many more field trips together.


The C's said...

Fun!!! Love the pics of you and Wildman! He is such a sweetie! :)

April said...

Great pictures of you and your little man!! Mac just had a field trip to the zoo as well - lots of fun!