Easter Sunday 2012

Happy Easter

Our last card read:

Happy Easter!

Jesus Christ died, and God brought Him to life to live forever.  Each person who gives his heart to Jesus is promised life forever with God.  This is the glorious message of Easter.  May it bless you today and everyday of the year.

He is risen!

As hectic as it is making the last finishing touches on her Easter dress, I really do enjoy it and so happy in the end that I MADE IT!  My poor Mother broke her arm about 8 weeks before Easter and had not finished Maisie's dress.  She actually beat me.  Alice's is pink and Maisie's is Robin's egg blue. 

The family photo before Church--we took about 10 and then realized Dad had on his shades, needless to say when he lost the shades none of the pictures were great!  These cute ones of the girls were taking after Church.  They did excellent and the boys didn't want ANY part of pictures. 

Every year we always eat at my grandmother's.  After stuffing ourselves, Robin and baby went home to nap and the Wild Man and me stayed at grandma's to visit, swim and play. 

I would like to say adios to sewing until September! 


Ole Miss Mom said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the dresses and bonnets! We wore those when we were little (that my mom made) and my kids wear them for special occasions. :)

Rayne said...

ALICE AND HER DRESS ARE GORGEOUS!! Worth the anticipation to see it!!! (you look great too by the way!!!)

Blair said...

Oh My - I want to eat Alice up. She is a hoot!

April said...

Love all the precious pictures of your precious family. Baby girl's dress is absolutely gorgeous. You are so talented and should be very proud of yourself. ;)

Now that sewing is put off for a while maybe you'll have more time for blog updates. Hint hint. :)