Selma Walton Theater

The Selma Walton Theater is the happening place these days!  We are so thankful that we have a safe place to take our families to watch a "picture show", not to mention a historical Theater.  Wiley did just that this past Saturday morning with his bud Barron.  I think it is $3 in the mornings and that includes popcorn--NOW that's a deal!

These two also made friends with a deer named Rosie!  Mary Beth and Bob asked if Wiley could spend the entire day with them and of course I said YES~They went to the country and ran wild.  He smelled like a WILD RABBIT and his clothes were nasty.  I love Saturdays where he can make memories with friends.



April said...

What a fun, perfect day for a little boy!

Ford Family said...

Wish we had that kind of movie deal here--I bet Wiley had a blast! What a precious boy!