Just a PEEK

Just a peek into Wiley and Sam's 6th Birthday Party (all BOYS)!  I had such a great time planning this party with Jana.  Her parents (being they were out of the State) were so gracious to let us have their party at The Roost.  They live in Perry County but goodness me you feel like you are in the mountains somewhere.  The view is AHHHmazing and so is there home. 

It was soooo super cold Saturday.  We had 70 degree weather the week before and the day of the party we had 30 mph winds and 30-45 degree weather!!  It was brrrrrr, but the boys didn't miss a beat. 

Tomorrow is my First Born's actual Birthday so we will celebrate again.  He will be playing the Birthday Bongos at Leika's one last time in the morning--tear!

The Birthday boys-Wiley & Sam

The Dessert Table

The Food Table
I have a million and two things to do this week, so I could not share it all tonight~Its 11:28 and I still have two loads, maybe three if the other load finishes drying to fold and put away before bed time. 

PLUS--Rob and I are out of air--we just blew up a ton of balloons and scattered them all in the Birthday boy's room and decorated his chair at the breakfast table~I can't wait until the morning when he wakes up to see balloons everywhere!!

I am off to fold~(Have I ever made the statement here that I would rather count rocks in my driveway then fold clothes! I despise it ;(  Night


April said...

"I would rather count rocks in my driveway..." AMEN! It's never ending. I don't mind washing, drying, and even folding doesn't bother me too bad because I'm so anal that no one else would do it right anyway. ha! But it's the putting up that I despise.

Can't wait for the full birthday post. Happy Happy Birthday to your little man!

Ford Family said...

Can you say precious?!?!?! love....love.....love it all!!!! :)

~k said...


The Sewell Family said...

Cute! Can't wait for all the pictures. You need to start a party planning business.