Wiley the Ring Bearer

I have never shared these pictures on my blog and decided they were too good not to share.  Robin's cousin Amanda got married last November 2010 and Wiley was the ring bearer.  He did GREAT!  The Waters in Pike Road Alabama is were they exchanged vows.  It was faaa-reezing that day and you can see in the picture of little man he was an icicle hiding behind the pillow! Congratulations to the "newlywed's" Amanda and Matthew, they are expecting a baby girl in May--She has my exact due date that I had with Alice! We can't wait to meet Collins Elizabeth.

Wasn't she a beautiful bride?!

Next post is my MIL's recipe for Lace Cookies~

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Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

I'm trying to focus on the cutesness of Wiley, but of course, my eye goes to the photograph over all. Lol. Love those black and whites. His face behind the pillow is so cute...and I love the lighting of the one of him blowing bubbles on the dance floor.

What great pictures you have to remember him on that day. :)

(Yes, beautiful bride...and almost mommy! How wonderful. :)