I can finally share most of our session from Alys Beach this summer.  Well I guess I should say last summer :(
She is not finished with all of Alice's one year pictures, but I will share those soon!! 


What I love most about these pictures is that it is not "staged" Wiley just does this!

These boys were  not "staged" LOVE THIS and they love each other

That is all for now!  Thanks to kai my friend Kelli for taking all of our pictures..since baby's birth!


Ford Family said...

Oh weee...great pics!

Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

What a pretty family...if the guys don't mind that! Haha.
Those are some great candid moments she captured. The BEST kind. Too precious!
And those chunky baby legs on the little one...oh my. Way too cute. She is a doll.