Baby time already?!

20 months

I have been waiting for the time when baby would be into babies.  Well just in the past week or two she is loving baby dolls.  My parents gave her a sweet cradle that she loves to piles all her babies and and sometimes get in there with them.

  • She loves balloons.  We had to by not one but two from the dollar store yesterday and had to take them into the grocery with us.  We just about can't go into a store that we do not leave without a b.a.l.l.o.o.n.
  • She loves to play in my jewelry box and pull everything out. 
  • She loves my make-up and brushes.
  • She loves to be startled and scared by saying ROAR...We have a awful looking mask that lays around the house and she likes for us to put in on.
  • Still loves to be outside and to go riding bikes.
  • Purses and cell phones
  • baby dolls

Even though she is into girly things, like purses, make-up, jewelry and babies---She will get down and dirty with her big brother.  Friday afternoon was perfect here...nice 75 degree temps in January (who knew?!) They play so great together and shot basketball (well she tries) and dug in the dirt for a few hours. 

Baby girl is talking up a storm.  Some favorites I love to hear:
  • Momma (when I walk in a room)
  • YY (Wiley)
  • Daddy
  • I get you
  • It hot, It hot
  • Paw Paw
  • Nana
  • Nae Nae (her sitter)
  • Lella for Bella her buddy at daycare
  • Bath
  • Eat
  • No No
  • Ba Ba (bottle) yes I still give her one and will for.a.long.time. (she is my last, well MAYBE??)
  • Rock Rock
  • Baby
She can pretty much say anything but is putting two and three words together.  She is a firecracker and is so clingy to me!  Cries in the mornings when I put my clothes on to go to work because she know we are about to be separated.  I do love it though, just makes it tough when leaving her and she cries for me...only for a minute I am sure! I EAT.HER.UP. and can't stop smooching on her cheeks..well we all can't stop! Some mornings she rides in YY's lap to the sitters (one door down) and I hear him kissing her cheeks.  I think it is hysterical when he says she is "his baby, and that I had her for him"

So sleepy after bath with her elephant, blanky and balloons!

We love you  sissy, baby, Ali, Alice, Alice Taylor, sister bear and sissy boo! Lots of nicknames huh?!


April said...

That post title was a bit misleading there for a minute. ;) So fun getting to know more about baby girl.

The Sewell Family said...

Alice is so stinking cute!! She and Faith have a lot in common. I love the baby crib. Where did you get it? Thanks for the tips on downloading pics. I will try that.

Caroline Bobo said...

I sooo thought you were pregnant!!! haha! Love the updates :)

Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

Too cute. :)
My sister used to get into my mom's jewelry box and it was fun until she started hiding things. Eek!
So sweet how Wiley loves her so much. Wish my boys were that sweet with their sister! These days it's more "she hit me...he's bothering me..." than anything else! Ugh.