Big Buck Down

Robin went on a New Year's Eve afternoon hunt when he got off of work (he is telling me as I type)--And about 4:30 a couple of does came out and then "The Stud" !  He shot him at 4:45 and got down at dark (to let me lay up?!!) LOL--to give him time because he couldn't see where he went.  When he finally walked up on him, in the dark, it looked like a baby bull because he was so big.  OKAY okay, enough of Robin's details--now my thoughts about the matter.  I am so glad that he enjoys hunting, me however grew up with my Mother running the sales dept. at Walter Craig, Inc in Selma for 20 years and my Dad hunted like a mad man.  So now I could really care less.  I think it is boring and would rather be laying on my sofa in the cold watching Lifetime..haha!!  I used to "pretend" to kinda enjoy it, but nahhhhh not really!  Just went to spend time with the hubby ;)

Now for the proud pictures of my sweet thang!!  Did I mention that him being so late coming home kinda made a kink in our New Year's.  Me and the kids just went on ahead and he joined us...maybe an hour later! It took the first 3, well maybe 4 years to get used to being a "widow to a hunter" in the Winter, but now it gives us our much needed space!

Goodness gracious, I think it is so cruel and sad!  Poor guy :(  He was a whopper though!!  The biggest BODY deer (not point wise) that he has killed!

6 point, 220 lbs! (He says he is old, 5 1/2 or 6)


Ford Family said...

Now...why did you go and revise it??? hehee!

April said...

I cannot believe that's just a six pt. Thats a big deer! Yay for Robin! And you know I don't agree with the cruel and sad thing. We will slay some around here. ;) But we also eat venison probably 3-4 times a week in some form or another. Just wait until little man starts bagging them too. :)

Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

My boys thought this was awesome b/c they are totally in to their new North American hunting game on Wii. Haha.

That tongue sticking out is pretty funny.

Did you eat it?