Wrapping Up Summer, Part I

Our Summer has been full of lots of fun.  We did a lot of FREE things which is always a plus!  Although I think we have attended a birthday party every.single.weekend. the month of July, June wasn't so bad.  The kids spent a lot of time in the water, as did I.  It has been a scorcher of a summer ( I like by the way) and staying cool was at the top of our list!  Wiley took many trips to the movies, Church trips, play dates with friends, baseball camp in Birmingham and trips to the River or as I call it the muddy ditch, eating at favorite restaurants, the beach, water parks, trips to the country to feed cows and much much more!!  As I type this Rob and Wild Man are at the river and will come pick me and baby up when she is finished napping.  Going on hour #3 for her.  Sunday Church exhausts her for some reason. 

I have a TON, I mean a TON of pictures that I have snapped throughout our dog days of summer.  I am splitting my summer posts into two maybe three posts.

Patiently waiting for Daddy to give gum money

FBC-Selma kids at the Birmingham Zoo

My favorite

Backyard Baseball

Gum in the hair

My stack of ironing


Kristen is having a boy

Ending this post with our boy diving! He perfected it back at the beginning of the Summer and we couldn't be any prouder. 

Me and Alice are headed to the sand bar!

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Caroline Bobo said...

Yall have had a jam packed summer! Love the picture dump :) Your kids are too cute and you will be so glad you captured these special random moments!! Summer is almost over :( so sad!