: Vacation Part II :

I am wrapping up our beach vacation in Destin. 

On Monday, June 18th, we played all day long on the beach.  My BIL brings a tent every year that weighs probably 50 pounds, but is a lifesaver to us all!  Without this thing, we would all be scorched.  Alice was really a whole lot easier this year.  She played her little heart out in the sand and in the water.  She did not like anyone going out into the gulf without her, especially Paw-Paw!!  After a few hours, I would grab her "padney" (pacy), blanky and a towel and cozy her up in my lap until she would fall asleep.  Palates under a tent on the beach makes for a great nap.  Dinner at Dewey's that night.  My dinner:  Jumbo Shrimp stuffed with crab meat wrapped in bacon and fried.  OH MY STARS, delish!!

On Tuesday the men went fishing and Momma headed to PCB to visit my Aunt who has a  house there.  The sister and I stayed with the kids and had a pool day.  IT WAS WONDERFUL.  The kids swam like fish.  Later that afternoon the men came home and Alice went with Robin for a nap so I could enjoy some R&R.  We decided to grill out under the pavilion.  There was a family of about 40 Cajuns cooking some of the best Louisiana food you will ever put in your mouth.  The head Dad in charge was so nice to us and invited us to come to their HUGE party on Friday night, said he had enough jambalaya and other fixings to feed 200+ people.  I do have to say that that night was the funnest night there.  We stayed in our swimsuits all day and night and ran back and forth from the pool to the beach. 

Wednesday was Big Kahuna day.  A kids dream waterpark.  The kiddie area in the back was perfect for Alice.  She swam and would slide down all the slides by herself.  Kinda tall ones too, that curved around and around.  That night Momma and Daddy made their yummy shrimp dish...LOTS of butter and you add italian dressing and lots of black pepper (make you slap yo momma)

Thursday was our last full beach day and we took full advantage of it.  We had pizza in that night and went out for ice cream and putt putt golf....oh and go-carts for the men/boys!!

If you are still here.....I am unloading on you again with photos! It is too hard to pick my favorites.

Paw Paw can flip a kid

Story time before dinner

Flipping her hair

He found some great shells in the evening while grilling out

Pool Day

My BIL is the funniest creature I know!! 

That wraps up another memorable vacation with my family.  Until next year.....


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Katie said...

Awesome pictures! I especially love the 'hand-holding' picture. Sweet!!