How is it possible?

How in the world is it possible that our baby big boy graduated Kindergarten and is headed to Morgan Academy in the Fall?!  That day leading up to his graduation was full of emotion for me.  Not only for me, but the other Momma's too.  I never knew how fast time flew by until I had children of my own.  I am so thankful for every.single.day. that I get to be their Momma!!

Wiley and I went ahead of Daddy to get dressed.  I got a bad sick feeling on the way, I know crazy, but I did and when we pulled up I started crying.  I could hardly believe that it was here.  My boy, my first born was about to graduate from Leika's.  I pulled myself together and we ran into school.  Once in their it wasn't so bad and became such a great time to spend with the other Mom's and kids.


This is for scrapbook purposes!!

I took the first two pictures the week before graduation, thankfully they sent the ancient gowns home for a few days!  I loved this bulletin board that was in the hallway (I almost missed it).

Lots of children have worn this cap and the gown too! It is old as dirt, well not dirt, but old!!

The kids were WILD.  Loved snapping pictures of Wiley and his friends.  His look, with his eyes open so big...love that!! 

I am in LOVE with this last picture.  I friend snapped this with her camera!! 
and the Wanted poster of Wiley, my Daddy made a frame out of 100 year old barn wood and it hanging in his room! He has a western theme, so it is perfect.

My Daddy snapped this.  My head at this point had never hurt so bad in my life.  Guess I hid the pain ;)

Robin's parents

  Kindergarten was such a big year for you.  Telling time, reading and math you did it all and all so great!  We are so proud of you smart boy.


Ford Family said...

Love all of these! Our babies are heading to K! :(

Caroline Bobo said...

Congrats Wiley!! On to Morgan!! So many fun memories will be made at Morgan!! Great post Angie...you look great! Love your necklace!! I love that the kids still wear the old cap and gowns and sign their name in the cap :)

April said...

Such a special occasion! You look great, by the way. ;) Enjoyed all the pictures.