Water balloons and Four Wheeler Rides

After two years of teaching preschool choir at FBC, they realized that my friend Susan and I couldn't carry a tune! NOT REALLY.  We are teaching Mission Friends this year on Wednesday nights and we could not be any happier.  Mission Friends is right up my alley.  Susan and I went to a workshop last Saturday in Thomasville and it went great.  Last Wednesday night was our kickoff and we had so many new faces this year. 

The first picture is Wiley and Claire and the bottom picture is the kids at stations playing games related to our lesson!

When I arrived home from the workshop I found these two boys having a water balloon fight!! Wild Man loves a water balloon or anything to do with water for that matter.

LOVE Wild Man's face in these two!

Wiley loves riding Alice around on his four wheeler! She will probably be riding her own next summer and driving him around :(

Pure sweetness, these TWO!!  We are so blessed to have healthy, happy and sweet babies!!

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April said...

We love water balloons around here too. Wiley is such a sweet big brother. Of course I would imagine it's not too hard being the protective big brother to that sweet chunk of baby girl love. ;) Your two are precious. And yes, you are very very blessed!!