Ruffle Bottom

The other day I heard total excitement coming from the dining room.  I ran in to find this sweet girl peaking out the front door as she watched her Daddy pulling into the driveway.  Of course the camera is always handy!!

I could squeeze this little ballerina!

She caught me snapping away!

Heading back to peak


This was when the house was in the middle of being painted and all the wall outlets were exposed.  As soon as we get things hung where they need to be and a few "new" things in place, I will share!! 

Wild Man was asleep by 8 tonight.  Leika's+Journey School+Church=Worn Slap OUT Wiley Bug!
Alice is in bed by 7 every night but Wednesday because of Church.  NayNay's+Church=Worn OUT Sis!



kai said...

what a great shot! so precious. your blog is LOOKING GOOD!!!!!

Rayne said...


April said...

Can I have her, please? Thanks!

I want to come through the screen, kiss that face and pinch those cheeks - and not the cheeks on her face. haha! ;) She is such a ray of sunshine. What a sweet moment to capture. Hope Leika's is going well for your little man.