::Attention Robin::

I thought that I would give the 'ole blog some attention.  Robin was just saying the other day that he missed reading.  I have been using my "real camera" like crazy lately and trying to put down the "device" more.  Saturday the children and I traveled to Birmingham to watch my niece in her dance recital.  On the way home, Wiley said "Momma, Maisie did really good dancing, she was the best one".  

Robin and the children made my Mother's Day extra special this year!  He snuck out of the house and brought back breakfast.  Breakfast in bed and fresh coffee was served to me in bed and it was marvelous.  A day of Sunday School, Church and visiting with family was good for this Momma's soul.  

Last weekend we celebrated Alice turning FOUR.  How is it possible that our baby girl is 4?!  Life is getting easier with her everyday.  We now skip naps when we can and stay up on Friday nights late.  

The evening of her Birthday we went to a crawfish boil.  The kids had a great time swimming and yard baseball.  Robin ate his weight that night and so did I.  It was a good end to Alice's birthday!

Summer is quickly approaching and we can hardly wait!  Wiley is going to two camps this summer and he couldn't be more excited.  Both of them are out of town, one in June and one in July.  Its so hard to believe that he is old enough for away camps already.  We have a mini vacay coming up next month.  I am so excited to finally meet IN PERSON my friend Katie, who I met through blogging.  We have been friends for over two years.  Strangely we have become the best of friends and talk every week via email, text or on the phone.  Our husbands have been joking a lot lately about if we really are who we say we are!!!  In late July we will go to the beach.  Wiley made the cutest Summer Bucket List.  I found it on a little piece of paper in the very bottom of his backpack.  We hope to do all the little fun things he has planned for us.   

This post was for you Robin.  I hope you enjoyed it!  Maybe I can get back into doing this weekly but don't hold your breath. 

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