Dear Alice,
It is so hard to believe you are 3 today.  Time sure does fly by.  You are such a joy to us and your personality is like no other!  You never meet a stranger and always talk to everyone.  You look identical to your Daddy, but he says you act just like me. 
1.  You eat your brother up and do not like for him to get out of your sight.  When he goes out the front door to play, you have a fit to join him.  You stand on the sidewalk and scream his name until he comes back for you!
2.  You are still very attached to me.  I can't get two feet away from you.  You love for me to rock you and hold you! 
3.  You love to be read to and always love for your Dad and me to tell you stories.  You favorite story now is the one Daddy tells you about how he found you in the woods under a log and he scooped you up and brought you home.
4.  You love TV!  Favorite shows include:
Olivia (still), Bubble Gups as you call them, The Big Bang Theory (Sheldon and Penny as you say), The Fresh Beat Band, and Marvin Marvin.
5.  You LOVE to sing and dance.  Taylor Swift is your favorite and you know every word to every song.  Fresh Beat Band is still a favorite CD too!
6.  One of my most favorite things about you is, you already LOVE Church.  You have gone since you were about 5 weeks old, Sundays and Wednesday nights!  You BEG to go to Church.  You and Anna just moved up to the Preschool class that I teach now, and it makes me happy and sad at the same time.  My baby girl is growing up!!
7.  It melts your Daddy every morning when you ask if you can go to work with him, maybe one day you can!
8.  We still have a hard time going out to eat with you.  You will sit about 20 minutes and then you say I DONE!  So normally we have to scarf down our food or let you roam.
9.  Baby Dolls, cooking in your kitchen and playing with your dollhouse are among you priorities. 
10.  You FINALLY after 12 months will sleep in your big girl bed ALL night.  You were an angel up until your 2nd birthday about sleeping in your crib.  The night we took Wiley to the FBB concert, you leaped out and never went back to your baby bed.  It has taken your Daddy and I an entire year to move you back to your room.  But you did it, just 2 weeks before your 3rd Birthday!
11.  You still sleep 12-14 hours a night and take one nap a day (2-3 hours) long and sometimes 2 naps still!
12.  You love your "padney still" and "Neanut" goes everywhere with us!  You also still request a Ba-Ba in the morning and night.  AND we still let you have it.  You are our last baby so why not?!!!!
13.  Outside is by far you most FAVORITE thing of all!  You love to swim and swing.  I think you would swing hours if I let you.  You want Daddy to play baseball and basketball with you everyday just like your brother!  (He thinks you will be a little athlete) We walk to the "park" most every weekend and you cry when we have to leave.
We love you so much Alice Taylor and can't imagine what it was like before you came along.  You complete our family.  I can't wait to watch you grow spiritually and physically.  I thank God for choosing me and your Daddy to be your parents.  We are blessed more than we deserve!
I love YOU sister bear!


Caroline Bobo said...

What sweet words from her Mama :) She sounds adorable and such a cute 3 yr old :) Love that she loves y'all so much and loves going to church!!

Ford Family said...

Happy 3rd birthday to that beautiful baby girl! xoxo!

Kristen@ Joy in the Journey said...

It cracks me up that she likes the Big Bang Theory! It is pretty funny. Ha! Can't believe she is THREE and Foster is right behind her:/ Miss yall!