Dear Wiley,

You are the best son ever.  How many times a week do you hear me say that? I am so thankful that I am your Momma and that you and I are so close.  So many things you say and do make my heart so happy!!

7 things that make me love you more

1.  You always tell me that I am your best friend

2.  You tell me every single day that I am the best Mom ever

3.  Your willingness to always help me with a cheerful heart

4.  You always notice when I dress up and give me the sweetest compliments

5.  I love it when you cook with me

6.  I love our "secrets"

7.  Last but not least, I enjoy every single Friday afternoon that I get to spend with you!  That is "our day" and I love that we always put that afternoon away for quality time!  I am so thankful that God chose Daddy and me to be your parents. Happy 7th Birthday Wild Man, YOU ARE THE BEST SON EVER! 




Gail@Sophisticated Steps said...

Happy 7th Birthday to your sweet boy! I think it's a perfect list. :) Hope you all are well!

April said...

Aww I love the list! Very heartfelt. Happy 7th, Wiley!

Katherine - Real Food Runner said...

how sweet!

wanted to let you know about the latest 7 day green smoothie challenge =) hope you'll join in again!