4th of July

We had a fun 4th of July this year!  Robin had to run into work for a few hours, so the kids and I slept late and made cupcakes.  The Hughey's had a few friends and kiddos over for a day of swimming and eating.  Richard did all the grilling and the wives did the baking and cooking! 

**I have the hardest time selecting the best pictures so you will just have to see most of them, because this is for us**

I had plenty of decorations leftover from Alice's birthday party, so I sent Robin over ahead of us to deliver the goods and the cupcakes!

Chicken Wings and a counter full of Mac n Cheese, Connecuh Sausage & Potato Salad

The Grill Master and the guy who started "The Canon-Ball"

Wild Man enjoying wings, chips and cupcakes

Ryder and Alice

Sissy makes a jump to Daddy 

The Dads and Kids took breaks from swimming to play this game? Forgot what it is called, looks like a bean bag toss to me, haha!

Wiley and Mr. Richard horsing around in baby rings

"You can't have my watermelon Ryder, we have plenty"

Lauren's Flag cake was Delicious

In the mix of all the fun, Alice managed a 2 hour nap inside! She is getting so easy, I've been looking forward to that...but....she is still a clinger! (I like it like that) haha

The biggest storm of the summer came that afternoon, it was a gully washer to say the least!  We, as in the Mommas and kids went inside to eat again (supper) while the crazy Daddy's stayed on the porch to watch the storm.  I was scared that we wouldn't get to shoot the fireworks that Rob and Wiley bought earlier that morning.  Thankfully when it was dark around 9 ish the rain held off!
We hurried home, changed clothes and headed out to Robin's parents, where my parents joined us too! 

The fireworks they bought were GREAT! Alice liked them at first and then wanted to go inside.  We took them the weekend before to The Valley Grande firework show, she loved them then...because they were so far away ;)

His favorite firework is the one that has the parachute men.  He named his fish when he was 3 parachute after this firework.

Roman Candle, may FAV!

Happy 4th of July!

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Katie said...

Love that post! You dress those kids in the CUTEST stuff, Angie!!