a small experiment

First post in a very long time, and I think I know why.  

Life is busy.  Everyone has a busy life.  I need to "declutter" a LOT.  I am starting with a little break from social media.  The first one to go is facebook.  I deleted the app off of my phone and I think that is a good start.  I would much rather spend my extra time after the kids go to bed blogging and documenting our life or spending time with Robin. 

Back in December Robin and I started Dave Ramsey.  This has been one of the hardest things we have done together, but so rewarding.  We have a budget and we stick to it.  Freeing up social media will help us to be able to spend our free time with our heads out of devices and spending time playing with our children and planning meals and most importantly sticking to our budget and becoming DEBT FREE!  WE are almost there--NO credit cards, GONE-PAID OFF!  By the end of 2015 we will be completely debt free but our mortgage.  Dave works and we are happier than we have ever been.  Money no longer rules us, WE rule the money!

Alice took dancing for the first time ever.  I would say she has found her niche.  I really was amazed at how good she is.  Her instructor would tell me she had it, but I was stunned when I saw her perform.  

The above picture was her ballet dance to Jesus Loves me by 
Chris Tomlin.  When I tell you this would make the hair on the back of your neck stand, its no joke. I cried during dress rehearsal and during the recital.  It was that powerful!  I am so thankful for the dance studio we chose.  Not only is she my friend, she is a Godly woman who incorporates christian music in her recitals. 

Fast forward 2 days to May 18th.  It was the worst day of our 14 years of marriage.  We said goodbye to our beloved Drake King.  It has truly been gut wrenching on us.  Some say, he was just a dog.  We say, he was our very best friend.  He loved us.  He didn't argue.  He was the first "person" I said good morning to every morning (everyone else sleeps while I enjoy coffee).  He had coffee with me, just me and him.  He sat with me every.single.night.  He was our dog son before we had kids.  I kissed the same spot between his eyes and above his eye for 15 years many times a day.  Drake was 15, we miss him and think about him at ALL the time.

We ended a wonderful 2014-2015 school year with the wild girl headed to Kindergarten and wild man headed to 4th grade.  How in the world do we have a Kindergartner and 4th grader?!?  Wiley made all A's and brought home The Best Manners Award.  We could not be prouder.  This summer we plan on lots of fun things outside that are completely FREE.  We have made our summer list and I have made my summer to do list as well.  The kids have a wonderful babysitter this summer who we love dearly and she helps me keep the house clean.  She is 23 and it couldn't work out more perfect for us.  

Pre-K 4 graduation for our cupcake Alice Taylor

My next post will be all about this little boy.  He has truly blown Robin and I away with baseball this year. 


Laura said...

Hi, Angie! I'm stopping by from Hanging With The Hewitts! I know how hard it is to say good bye to a family pet. We said "see ya soon" to our dog, Bo, a little over a year ago and my daughter took it extremely hard. We gave her a new puppy for Christmas this past year and she and Jack are even closer! The good thing is that Jack is an inside dog, whereas Bo stayed outside. I admire your experiment to disengage from Facebook. I've tried it a few times and I've considered doing it again. These days, I seem more addicted to Instagram, though. Have a great weekend!

Rayne said...

Finally catching up on blogs, so sorry about Drake!!
Love your update, Alice dancing is the sweetest thing I have ever seen!